Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I see “_________ is a social construct”, I just want to scream. It has turned into some catchphrase for people to throw around. Ok, fine. Things are socially constructed, but that doesn’t really say much and to people who don’t…

It’s like, if it’s not a social construct, what is it, a natural-selection-derived evolutionary advantage (maybe 1/10 cases)? A fluke of the universe’s whimsy? Aliens (maybe, like, 3/10 cases AT MOST)?
Social forces are not something which we can apply or not apply as we see fit. You have a boat, it follows the currents. End of story.

EDIT: To belabour that metaphor a little more, what our job should be as social critics is to work out which currents will take us where we want to go, and which will take us into a storm. Not to dismiss the entire ocean out of hand.